Mark Lowe is a passionate filmmaker intent on creating the best possible material with every tool available. 


He began his career as a filmmaker with the Marine Corps as a Combat Videographer, creating an incredibly diverse body of work focusing on short-form documentaries style and social media content creation for the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), and Headquarters Marine Corps accounts. Like many other highly motivated Marines, Mark considers himself a lifelong learner, unafraid to explore his curiosities and interest. 

Some of his achievements include generating the #1 overall most social media hits of 2018 for 3rd MAW social media accounts with a command sponsored "Go Navy, Beat Army!" promotional video where he acted as producer, director, director of photography, and editor.

"Finding and telling the stories of our modern-day Marines has been one of my greatest fortunes."

Mark continues to expand his reach and discover new interests by lending his passion to the civilian sector.

Working in the commercial market, Mark hopes to make a meaningful impact visually by helping a first time home buyer make a purchasing decision they know is right for them. Or helping a small business owner spread the word about what they stand for. Even helping an artist express their spirit. Whatever your goal is, he will help you reach your mark and inspire action through radiating passion and breathtaking professional cinematography. 

Mark Operates primarily between San Diego and Los Angeles.